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In most cases, crewmembers will be above the standard deduction once un-reimbursed employee expense and per diem deductions are taken. This makes for a larger refund for you. Over 90% of the files we complete are itemized above the standard deduction.

Can I even use a 1040 long form? Won't standard deductions be greater for me?

You can spend $20 - $30 on software, plus $15 - $20 for electronic filing, and spend hours or days figuring out how to do them - and still miss out on $100's or even $1000's by not maximizing all your available deductions and new tax reforms. Make it easier on yourself and give us a chance to get you a larger refund.

Why should I pay to have my taxes done, when I can do them myself?

"I have had the pleasure of working with Gabi Rosciano for 2 years...As long as they continue to provide the service I have become accustomed [to], I will never go anywhere else."

-Jim Holman

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Do I need to come to your office to complete my taxes?

Not at all. A large portion of our client base lives outside of Houston and never makes a trip to our office. You can communicate with us via phone, email, fax, and U.S. mail. We have clients in just about every state in the country and prepare state taxes for all states. Plus, we file electronically, so you won't have to sign the actual tax return documents. We make it as easy as possible for you.

Why should I come to you instead of my local tax preparer?

How long will it take to get my refund?

How will I know what is deductible? I'm not sure what can be written off.

How long will it take to complete my taxes?

Do I need an extension if I know I am getting a refund?

If I owe the IRS, would an extension make me avoid penalties and interest?

It depends on your method of filing. If a walk-in appointment is made, your taxes are done while you sit with one of our specialists. If your filing is more complicated, we will complete the majority of your file while you are in the office and finish the rest within 10-12 days.


Normal turn-around time for mail-in, fax-in, and drop-off is within 10-12 business days. More time may be necessary for more complicated filings, including rental properties, businesses, extensive investment or retirement income, and other non-standard schedules and forms.

The person doing your taxes at your local preparer has likely not had much experience preparing returns for airline personnel. They might only write off what you tell them about, and normally don't know how to calculate your per diem and expenses. If you do find someone who knows what they're doing, it will probably cost you twice as much as we charge. We provide great service at economical prices, because we are "The Airline Flight Crew Tax Specialists."

If you e-file and elect for direct deposit, you should have your money 8-15 days after processing. You can check the status of your return by clicking here. We also have "Refunds Now," where you can get a refund anticipation loan in minutes.

Don't worry! That's why you're coming to us. We'll make certain that you get all available deductions. If you're in doubt, list the item on the worksheet and we will help you determine if it is a legitimate deduction. We've been in business for over a decade, and we know what your expenses should look like determining on your position (pilot, flight attendant) and your type of flying (domestic vs. international).


If you're outside the norm, we will make every attempt to help you compute your deductible expenses and keep you from letting deductions go unclaimed.


No. By filing an extension you might avoid the late filing penalty, but not the late payment penalty, nor the interest. You will get an extension to file, but not an extension to pay.

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